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There are many types of industries currently established in India. In which some industries are big and some are small. It requires a lot of money and people to run a big industry. While small industries require less money and less people to set up. These small industries set up in India are categorized as MSMEs. The government of the Ministry of micro small medium enterprises keeps making a lot of efforts for development in MSMEs, which benefits those people who actually have the thinking and understanding to set up the industry and run it well. If you also want to set up small industries, let us tell you what MSME is? How is MSME registration can be done online, along with what are the benefits of MSME certificate?


What is MSME?


Know what is MSME Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise is called MSME in short form. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises sector have a very important contribution to the economic development of the country. Therefore, the Government of India has introduced several schemes to promote small scale industries. These schemes can be availed through MSME registration. Indian MSME enterprises are being encouraged in many ways by the Central Government and the State Government. Given the contribution of the small scale sector to the country's economy, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) in the private sector, as well as private sector banks, are offering low-interest rate business loans.


What are the types of MSMEs?


Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are of two types. First, the manufacturing industry in which manufacturing is done. Second, the service sector, in which service delivery is done. In this sector, the job of serving people and various institutions is. How to do online registration in MSME Business, whether it is small or big, it is mandatory for you to run it legally.


If you want to start an MSME business, you can apply for it online. For MSME registration, you have to visit


Here you will see a small form in which you have to write your Aadhaar number and your name. After this, you have to make an online payment. Then the representative will verify and process your MSME application further. Then they will Generate OTP. After this, OTP will come on your Aadhaar registered mobile number, which you have to enter in the form. After this, you will be asked some details like personal details, details of your business, etc. which you have to fill correctly. (Note: You need to share the OTP for the verification process).


This way you can register for your industry base. After filling the form, you will get an e-receipt, take out the printout and keep it with you.


How to register in MSME offline. Presently there is no offline process for MSME registration.


Before applying for MSME registration submitting the application and the document, get all the documents certified by an expert here on


After the MSME application is approved after verification, you will be issued an MSME certificate and you will be informed through courier and email.


Documents required for MSME registration.


Some required documents are required to be registered under MSME. The list of documents required for registration is down below.


  • Aadhaar Number

  • PAN Number

  • In case of a company or a Limited Liability Partnership GSTIN required


Click here to download the MSME registration process in PDF format - DOWNLOAD UDYAM MSME REGISTRATION PROCESS PDF


Advantages of MSME registration


MSME registration gives you the freedom to do business legally, while you also get some other benefits that can help your business grow well.


By registering MSME, your business gets registered with the government. Through this, banks easily give you loans to increase your business. You easily get a loan for your business at a lower rate of interest from the government. With this, you can also get the loans that are given by the government.


Most states provide subsidies in electricity, tax, etc. to the people on getting MSME registration. Businesses registered with MSME also get the benefit of the excise rebate scheme. Under this, some direct taxes are waived in the initial year.


The government issues many such tenders which are only for MSMEs, their benefit also gets to the MSME registered business.


Why invest in MSMEs?


The government is itself encouraging Indians to invest in MSMEs. In the Corona Lockdown, the Government of India has said to distribute Rs 3 lakh crore as a loan for the growth of the MSME sector. The central government has introduced many types of loans under MSME, registered now, and apply for MSME certificate. If you are already associated with any MSME business, then you can benefit and if you want to set up a new industry, then you can also benefit.


To set up an MSME business, all you need is a good business model. The Indian government helps you to a great extent for small businesses. Choosing MSMEs is also important for India because it directly employs skilled, semi-skilled people. Through these industries, the country's money remains in the country and indigenous industries get a boost, which directly contributes to the country's economy.


On the other hand, such industries directly support big industries. They provide a variety of ancillary things for them which are directly needed by the big industries. So if you have less money and you want to take profit from the government then you should invest in MSME.


Note these things: You can apply for an MSME loan from certain banks by proper application contact us for the detailed procedure. For the online bank loan procedure application, one can apply by going to


If you want to know the limit of MSME loan, then tell that there is 1 crore for micro, 10 crores for small, and 20 crores for medium. Benefits of MSME loan are profit from the bank, exemption by the state government, tax benefit, profit in low interest. Under an MSME loan, you can get a profit of 1 crore to 20 crores. The interest rate on MSME loan is between 8.30 - 6.25.


Benefits of Registration of Industry in MSME


Benefit from Banks: All banks and other financial institutions recognize MSMEs so you can get loan approval easily available for your business at a low-interest rate. The rate of interest on loans given to MSMEs is 1-1.5 percent lower than the interest rate of normal business.


Exemptions by the state government: Most of the states provide electricity, tax and industrial subsidy to those who have registered their business under the MSMED Act. They are specially given sales tax exemption by the state.


Tax benefits: After getting registered in MSME depending on the business, you can take advantage of the excise exemption scheme, in the initial year of business there is also an exemption from some direct taxes, many types of subsidies to the traders in setting up the business by the government Is also provided, from which they get benefits.


Approval from Central and State Government: Business registered in MSME gets government license and certification quickly and easily. There are many government tenders or tenders that are open only to MSMEs to promote small business participation in India.


What is the Process of MSME Registration?


The process for Udyam MSME Registration is very simple and easy to follow.


Step 1: Visit the Udyam MSME Registration portal website.


Step 2: Fill all the required details on Udyam MSME Registration Form. Make sure to enter all the details correctly.


Step 3: After entering the details make the online payment for your MSME registration Application.


Step 4: One of the registration executives will process your MSME registration process application.


Step 5: In 1-2 hr you will receive your MSME registration certificate at your registered email address.


Who we are? is a private registration consultant which is an ISO-certified company helping businesses in getting MSME/ Udyam/ Udyog Aadhaar registration online and getting them MSME Udyam certificate. We have more than 7 years of experience in getting micro small medium enterprises registration under the ministry of MSME.


Here we made the process simple to print an MSME Udyam certificate in and fill up the simple form to get the Udyam registration online.


Click here to download the MSME registration process in PDF format - DOWNLOAD UDYAM MSME REGISTRATION PROCESS PDF


You can free to reach our registration executive 24*7 customer support team through filing the complaint form at and we will then reply to you shortly with the solution.


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