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Update Udyam Certificate | eudyogaadhaar.org

Update Udyam Certificate | eudyogaadhaar.org

We have discussed how to update Udyam certificate here on eudyogaadhaar.org, with a hassle-free process. Read further to know all about the Update Udyam certificate procedure.

More than 10 Lacs of small scale business owners have enrolled in the Udyam Registration portal. But after obtaining the Udyam Certificate, they see some mistakes. There are people who make some mistakes during registration and end up making corrections or editing their Udyam certificate.

Some applicants also have questions, such as why their name, state, and district can not be changed, etc. We have stated how in this post, you can update the Udyam certificate.

Let’s discuss every point one by one.

How to update Udyam registration certificate?

What are the document required for updating the Udyam registration certificate?

What are the things we cannot edit/ change/ update in Udyam certificate?

What are the things we can edit/ change/ update in Udyam certificate?

Who We are and How we can help you with editing your Udyam certificate?

If you are looking for a new Udyam registration certificate then click here.

Click here to Update Udyam Certificate: https://eudyogaadhaar.org/update-udyam-certificate.php

Sample of Udyam Registration Certificate


How to update Udyam registration certificate?

Step 1: Visit the eudyogaadhaar.org - Udyam registration portal.

Step 2: Click the Update Udyam certificate page

Step 3: Enter (URN) Udyam registration number, Applicant name, Mobile number and email address which is printed on your Udyam Certificate.

Step 4: Next, you can choose the registered mobile number and mail address on which you want to receive your OTP. OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number or mail address you have chosen.

Step 5: Make an online payment for the service

Step 6: Our representatives will review your concern and process your application.

Step 7: After a few working hours you will receive an Updated Udyam certificate at your registered mail address.

Note: Upon receiving the OTP you will be required to share the OTP to our representatives for further process.

Click here to Update Udyam Certificate: https://eudyogaadhaar.org/update-udyam-certificate.php

Note: You cannot update Applicants name, State, District, Aadhaar Number in the Udyam Registration Certificate. PAN number can be edited only in some special cases.

What are the document required for updating the Udyam registration certificate?

In order to edit your Udyam certificate, the required document is below, first, collect these documents and then step forward with your udyam registration certificate being modified.

  1. Your Udyam Registration Number (eg. UDYAM-XX-00-0000000)

  2. Your registered mobile number and email address for OTP verification

What are the things we cannot edit/ change/ update in Udyam certificate?

When the full registration is completed, there are a few crucial things that people can not edit.

  1. Applicant Name

  2. District

  3. State

  4. Aadhaar Number

What are the things we can edit/ change/ update in Udyam certificate?

You can make changes/ edit/ update a few of the things on the Udyam registration certificate like

  1. Business Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. Address

  4. PAN number in some special cases

  5. Bank account detail

Who We are and How we can help you with editing your Udyam certificate?

Eudyogaadhaar.org is a private registration consultant helping small-scale business owners in getting MSME registration / Udyam registration / Udyog Aadhaar registration online, in a quick and easy way.

We have a good understanding of the tax and legal consequences that come with each form of business entity and give our customers the advice they need to ensure that they set up the correct type of company.

Our goal is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and start-ups to start and manage their business, including business registration, obtaining the appropriate license, and enforcement services after incorporation.

We have helped to start and run thousands of companies over a period of time by providing a wide variety of business registration services under the ministry of MSME.

Get your business registration under the Udyam registration portal and approve it with ease, super quick operation, hassle-free, affordable prices, certificates valid for lifetime, get a free consultation.

If you have any questions, just fill in the enquiry form and one of our executives will call you via the helpline number.

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